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Money + Career for Millennial Women

financial guidance — from the opposite of an old, rich dude


Hey. I’m Tori.

I get you, girl. You know you need to save, negotiate, and invest your money. But how?

I successfully saved $100k at age 25, and I’ve helped thousands of badass women make more, spend less, and fight the patriarchy.

Because having a financial education is a woman’s best form of protest. 💪

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Tori really helped me see money in a brand new and accessible way, I no longer dread looking at my bank account!
— Alexandra, Seattle


Money in the bank means you have options, like quitting that unhealthy job, taking that trip, getting a down payment, or starting the business of your dreams. Start calling your own shots.



You can’t manage your money unless you have some. From negotiating a raise or starting your side hustle, to the interview skills you need to land that dream role, make your first six-figure salary and feel damn good doing it.



Real wealth is making money while you sleep. Start investing to help your hard-earned cash work even harder (and use it to take care of cute lil’ 65-year-old you.)


the kick in the butt you need to get started


The First Step to Start Investing (Hint: It’s Easy!)

If you hear “investing” and think Wall Street traders yelling at each other, you’re not alone. Turns out, it’s not as scary as you think, but completely necessary for your financial future. Let’s get started.

10 Financial Commandments Every Woman Should Live By

From negotiating your salary to always advocating for your fellow woman, here are your money musts — and how you can use them to get your financial life in place.

The Money Tools I Use Every Day

A list of my favorite tools I use to manage my own money, and what I recommend to coaching clients — including free ways to budget, save, track, manage and earn money.


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