A Week in New Orleans

For the last 7 years, I’ve wanted to visit New Orleans. And this past fall, I finally got to go. After finding my flight for an incredible steal (The Flight Deal is the best), I was excited to spend 5 days eating gumbo, listening to jazz, and understanding its incredible history.

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Tori Dunlap
5 Ways to Combat Imposter Syndrome While Creating Your Personal Brand

Imposter syndrome may cause you to feel like a fraud. You’ll devalue your worth by accepting less money for a job, underestimate your experience. That’s no way to create a name for yourself! There are ways to combat it so you can focus on doing the work.

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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Money (in Under 10 Minutes)

This is the ultimate guide to managing your money (in less than 10 minutes.) Try a few of these out this month, and see how they can change your financial situation. I sourced some of my favorite answers from the personal finance community — and gave them 5 more minutes!

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