5 Marketing Tools I Use on a Daily Basis

When you’re a department of one at a company of thousands, you wear a bunch of hats.

My first job out of college was at a global organization, where I was the single marketing, communications, and PR employee. A press release or blog post? Written, edited, and posted by me. A social media post with graphics? Created, shared, and analyzed by me. The list goes on.

If you’re in marketing (or if you’re an entrepreneur), you know how crazy work can get. You feel like you need to have every skill in the book (and find time to learn new ones.)

Today, I’m easing that pain with 5 must-have tools I use on a daily basis. These simplify my life, and make it so much easier to get it all done.

1. Buffer

Welcome to the world of 2 a.m. tweets (without ever waking up.) If I could marry Buffer and its entire team, I would in a heartbeat. Buffer makes social media scheduling an absolute breeze, and with analytics tools, it will be your new best friend. Some of my favorite features are the rescheduling tool, buffering RTs and replies, and their incredible customer service (look up the definition of “best customer service” in the dictionary and you’ll find a photo of Bufferoos.)

2. Mention

Mention is a perfect tool for knowing what’s being discussed about your brand online. From monitoring online chatter to receiving media notifications when you’re in the news, Mention’s daily digest displays any discussion of your brand and their perception. I use it for social interactions I may have missed, media coverage updates, and to see what users are saying about us (when they don’t tag.)

3. Canva

For those who can’t afford the Adobe Creative Suite or don’t have a ton of design experience, Canva is your solution. Complete with templates, beautiful fonts, and free photos, I use Canva for any graphic, poster, or social card. The best part is customizable sizes, which I use to make Instagram Story graphics. Every graphic you see on this blog is Canva-made.

4. Momentum

Not just a marketer’s tool, Momentum is the Chrome plug-in of your wildest dreams. Interested in having gorgeous, ‘gram-worthy home pages? Yes, you do! Complete with a to-do list, gorgeous travel photos, weather data, and a personalized greeting, it makes my entire day better (and keeps me organized.) And it’s so aesthetically-appealing, you might just wanna post it on your own social channels!

5. Focalmark

I don’t know about you, but my list of go-to hashtags keeps getting longer and longer. Focalmark is the app that generates photo-specific hashtags with proven results. They recently limited their free service to 15 hashtags, but for a small fee you can get double that amount (Instagram cuts you off at 30.) Take a photo of a mountain in Germany? Dogs in Albuquerque? There are hashtags for that!


Marketing as a team of one can be stressful, but exhilarating. Using tools that maximize your minimal time will help you produce great content in a crunch. What other tools are you a fan of? Let me know in the comments below!


I get asked all the time: what are your favorite money management tools?

Charlie: My go-to (free!) budgeting tool that tracks your spending and progress towards goals.

Ebates: Gives you free cash back on almost all your favorite stores via a desktop plug-in.

Trim: You remember that time where I talked about how you should be negotiating all of your bills? (You should.) I know it's scary — that's where Trim comes in. Trim will negotiate cable and phone bills FOR YOU.

Status: Wanna see if you’re on track when it comes to your monthly spending and total savings? This (again, free) tool compares your financial numbers to others in your age group, city, etc.

Personal Capital: The tool I check daily, Personal Capital is the best tool for tracking your net worth and your progress towards goals like saving, debt payoff, and (yes!) $100K.

The $100K Club Facebook Group: Need some honest money conversations in your life? Join my free community to get your burning questions answered.

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