How to Land the Job (When You Don't Meet the Requirements)

We’ve all been there.

You’re searching for, say, a PR job, a field you’re looking to get into. You don’t have much experience in PR (maybe an internship or an entry-level job at most.) So when the dreaded, but inevitable, “3-5 years of experience” bullet crosses your vision, you don’t apply, fearing that your lack of experience will keep you from landing the job.

I was that person last year: a recent college grad who had enough experience to get an in-person interview (which made me feel accomplished) but not enough to seal the deal (which hurt like hell.)

Though I had multiple jobs and internships -- and two degrees -- I couldn’t compete with people who had real work experience.

Flash forward a year, and I am now the head of marketing and communications for a global organization with over 5,000 employees. I also run a successful blog, and a #sidehustle doing social media marketing and consulting for clients.

So how did I get here? I had a great story that I told effectively.

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