Budgeting + Savings 101: Live, Online Workshop

Budgeting + Savings 101: Live, Online Workshop


Back to Basics: Creating a Budget and Savings Plan (That You'll Actually Stick To)

Tried budgeting, but could never make it work for you? Wondering how to manage (and finally save!) the money that seems to magically disappear every month? I’ve gotchu, boo.

In this hour-long live workshop, I’ll walk you step-by-step through my tested budgeting method, the absolute SIMPLEST way to track your money – no apps or spreadsheets required. Then, we’ll use the budget you just created to make a savings plan, one that will leave you with the tools to grow your account balance and your confidence. We’ll also cover how to curb your emotional spending, how to start saving when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, and an introduction of retirement accounts options.

In addition to the workshop content, you’ll also get:

  • 15+ minutes to ask questions about your own unique situation (it’s like a mini coaching session fo free!)

  • printable resources to create your budget and savings plan, only for workshop attendees

  • a tailored list of my favorite money tools and strategies to track your cashflow and progress towards goals

  • bonus information about investing and saving for retirement so you can make educated investing choices

  • a playback of the workshop (perfect if you want a refresh, or if you live in a different timezone)

  • discounts on my other services, like one-on-one coaching and the Cash Calendar

This is a LIVE, virtual workshop where you can engage with others, ask questions, and walk away with a strategy you can immediately implement.

And if you’re still on the fence: This is by FAR the least expensive way to work with me and gain this necessary financial advice — you’ll spend $50 on a night out but not on investing in yourself?

To keep each session intimate, there is a max of 15 slots per workshop.

Here's more info about me and what I offer.

Sunday, Oct. 20, 3-4 pm PST

Wednesday, Nov. 13 6-7 pm PST

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“I met Tori less than an hour before the start of her budgeting and savings workshop. While incredibly insightful, the workshop itself was seriously a blueprint to my longterm goal of obtaining financial freedom. More than just an agenda however, I feel no one else could have taught this subject matter with the same charisma and drive to educate and empower. Not only is Tori one of the most mission-minded people I have ever met, she is also fearless, and a true force to be reckoned with for anyone who has ever been made to feel incompetent of taking control of their money by this patriarchal-ass society. I am thrilled to have attended this workshop of Tori’s because it was the moment I laid down the foundation to my goal of financial freedom and more importantly, the moment I was allowed the chance to reset my relationship with money. Money and I are forever grateful to Tori.” —Paulina

“I learned so much in such a short amount of time during the workshop! Tori has amazing tips on budgeting, saving, and so many resources to help along the way. I would recommend anyone book a session with her if they are interested in getting control of their personal finances!” —Sabrine

NOTE: Once you purchase a slot, I will be in touch with about conferencing and workshop details over email.

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