Private Negotiation Coaching

Private Negotiation Coaching

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You’re job hunting, trying to find a perfect role at the perfect company. You get the call from the recruiter, and they set up an interview. It’s going great — you’re knocking every question out of the park — until suddenly, you get asked, “What is your salary range?” GULP. How the heck do you answer that?!

Or maybe you got the offer. Yay! It’s now negotiation time, but you have NO idea how. You’re just so excited to get the job, you’re afraid you’re going to lose the offer if you ask for more. What if they think you’re ungrateful? Besides, you don’t know what you’d say even if you tried.

What if you’ve been at your current job awhile — and know you’re being underpaid. You know you should be asking for a raise, but what if your boss hates you for asking? What if they say no? Shouldn’t you just be grateful for the job you have?

What if you’re a freelancer about to raise your rates? You’re confused about how to bring it up with clients without pissing them off — how do you communicate your value while deepening the relationship? You don’t want to lose the client!

If this is you, I’m here to help.

I’ve heard this from THOUSANDS of women across the country, and I’m here to tell you — not negotiating not only keeps you from getting paid fairly (and one step closer to crushing the patriarchy.) It also stunts your salary earnings and investment gains for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve successfully negotiated over 15% more for every job I’ve ever held — and taken my pay from $55K to almost $90K in 3 short years. And I want to help you do the same.

If you’re looking for more personalized, intentional guidance beyond my virtual workshop — and especially if you’re looking to ask for a raise instead of negotiating pay for a new job — this coaching is the perfect way to work with me.

We’ll spend an hour deep-diving – and you’ll come away with exactly what to say, the confidence you need to kill it, and what to do if they say no. I’ll prep you with the mindset you need for a successful negotiation — your battle armor, if you will — and you’ll walk away with the EXACT script to use when negotiating, word for word! We’ll also cover how to respond to common retorts from your boss or client — think, “we don’t have it in the budget” — how to proceed if they say no, and how to negotiate for benefits that aren’t salary.

In addition to the hour of coaching, I’ll include my advice and guidance throughout the negotiation process. Need me to take a look at the email you’re sending to your boss or the hiring manager? Done. Get a hard question down the line you don’t know how to answer? Text me and we’ll find the perfect response. I will be there with you every step of the way.


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“When I knew I was going to reach the salary negotiation phase of my job search, I immediately scheduled time with Tori. Like many women, I knew I should be negotiating but worried about being perceived as greedy or difficult. Tori helped remind me that negotiation is a normal part of the process, and her guidance left me feeling less anxious talking about compensation. Tori encouraged me to ask for far more than I would have dared, and it worked! With her coaching and script, I ended up signing with over 30% more annually. Dollar for dollar, that puts Tori’s coaching at one of the greatest returns on an investment I’ve ever gotten.” —Ashley, Seattle

“Before working with Tori I truly thought that negotiating was for other people. As a nonprofit professional, negotiating pay is not talked about enough and usually feels unwelcome but Tori helped me see that everyone can AND SHOULD be negotiating. The ‘gratitude sandwich’ method helped me feel prepared going into my first negotiation and I was able to increase my salary by $2,000! Now, I'm constantly telling my friends that they should negotiate whether they have an offer for a new job or are ready for a raise for their current role.” —Annalise, Portland

“Tori offered me tools and verbiage to use in my negotiation that made me feel so much more confident and comfortable going into the conversation with my employer. I was able to negotiate a 17% higher starting salary because of her. Tori is the best of the best and worth every penny!” —McKinizie, Texas

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