Thinking of Freelancing? This Guide is For You

In this new gig economy, more and more people are ditching their 9-5s to work as a freelancer. They crave the independence, the ability to choose their own hours and clients, and the exciting prospect of increasing their income. But the landmines are numerous. There are so many things to consider and know when you get started — things you don’t even realize you don’t know until you’re in the thick of it — that it can all seem far too overwhelming.

Having never held a traditional desk job, Bravely founder Kara Perez is a freelance finance queen. In addition to her blog and events, Kara is a go-to source for questions about how to start your own freelancing business, especially for writers. She’s taken all of these commonly-asked questions along with her personal experience, and put together the ultimate guide to freelancing.

This freelance guide is so full of good info, I was afraid it was going to burst. Whether you’re a freelancer just getting started, or are a seasoned veteran who needs to brush up on the basics, Kara gives you actionable guidance through every part of the freelance life. Not only is this guide great for full-time freelancers, it’s a great resource if you have a developing side hustle.

When I was started side hustling as a social media manager, I didn’t even know how to get started setting up my business. I knew I needed a business license, but I didn’t know how to get one. I knew I needed to pay taxes, but I didn’t know when or how or how much. Not only does Kara walk you through every money management tip a freelancer needs (how to set up savings and checking accounts), she also breaks down all the confusing legal and tax stuff. She tells you exactly how to set up your business so it’s legally legit — including deciding between setting up an LLC or a sole proprietorship — and walks you through the tax process for your particular state. Wish I had this when I was first starting out!

The most common question I get from my coaching clients — “how do I set my rates?” — is one that has so much uncertainty and mystery surrounding it. The most common problems my blogging and freelance clients have is in knowing their worth and deciding their rate, but Kara does a great job at breaking down how much you should price based on how much you want to earn. Instead of deciding on your rate based on what someone else will pay you, you identify an hourly or per-project rate based on your necessary income and business expenses. By setting this goal first, you set your entire business up in pursuit of that income goal — not the other way around. Instead of wondering if you’re charging too little or too much, you’re focused instead on your salary goal for the year that you yourself set!

The Bravely Freelance Starter Guide is one of those resources you’ll come back to over and over again as new questions emerge — and Kara has answers to all of them. I highly recommend this affordable guide to anyone looking to gain all the knowledge to set up their business for success.

I was gifted a copy of the Freelance Starter Guide for this review. I always review products honestly. Bravely is one of those businesses I’d bleed for, and Kara is the real deal — go buy her guide as an investment for your biz!


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