Cash Calendar

Cash Calendar


You’ve read those Refinery29 money diaries. The ones where the author logs everything they spent money on for a week?

Well, we’ve just made it better.

Introducing Cash Calendar, a place to log all of your spending for a month. But beyond just tallying, you’ll also reflect on why you made those purchases, if they felt right, and how you can start adjusting your habits to achieve the lifestyle you want.

A life-changing tool that I use with my clients, this is an intentional resource to help you curb emotional spending once and for all, and FINALLY figure out where that paycheck disappears to every month.

Part daily money planner, part tracker, part diary, this 10-page document is a beautifully-designed digital download — we’ll send the PDF link straight to your inbox!

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“Keeping track of my daily expenses for a month at Tori's recommendation really changed the way I look at my money and the way I make purchasing decisions. I'm now much more conscious of my spending behavior and I'm consistently rethinking certain habits and adjusting to be able to save more money. I was able to trim my bare bones budget by about 1/3 of what I was paying each month by prioritizing my purchases and understanding what I truly needed money for vs. what I was unnecessarily spending money on. Now, I'm saving over $500 a month and I wouldn't have been able to sort my spending out without Tori's support in encouraging me to track where my money was going. I've gotten so used to tracking my spending on the daily now that I feel weird missing a day of it.“ —Kieryn, Seattle

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