I get asked all the time: what are your favorite money tools?


An investing platform built by and for women. Start saving for retirement, or a big goal like a down payment. And get a free investment strategy and money education just signing up for an account.

COMMUNITY: The $100K Club

Need more honest money conversations in your life? Join hundreds of other money-motivated folks in my Facebook community to get your burning questions answered, and get free access to my guidance. {Free}


Use this Facebook bot to track your spending, progress towards goals, and more. I love using Charlie to alert me of my spending (I have a $300 max on food out a month), and reminders to help me save towards savings goals. {Free}

NET WORTH: Personal Capital

The tool I check daily, Personal Capital is the best tool for tracking your net worth and your progress towards goals like saving, debt payoff, and (yes!) $100K. {Free}

SAVING: Ebates

A cash back plug-in for all of your online and in-store purchases. Almost every store (from Nike to Uber to Sephora) will give you cash back. I got over $200 back last year alone. {Free}


You remember that time where I talked about how you should be negotiating all of your bills? (You should.) That's where Trim comes in. Not only do they help track your money and remind you about upcoming payments, they also will negotiate cable and phone bills FOR YOU. {Freemium}

TRACK: Status Money

Want to see if you’re on track when it comes to your monthly spending and total savings? Status compares your financial situation to others in your demo (age, city, education level, etc.) to give you tailored advice, special offers, and more. {Free}

TRAVEL: Airbnb

You've probably heard about Airbnb by now. But if you've never used it, I cannot recommend it enough. You feel like a local, save money (cook your own food!), and always know your stuff is safe (bye, sketchy hostels!) I've traveled internationally and domestically with Airbnb.